Canada is our specialty. Destinations such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal ,Ottawa, Calgary, London, Halifax and Victoria may be on your list.

We also work with cities in Ireland, the United States and Hawaii, England, Malta, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and more.

In all packages, we can include Intensive English course, accommodation, food, courseware and more. Everything in a transparent, simple, organized and economical way.

Testimonials & Photos

Congratulations on the professionalism, service and the useful information provided, literally supporting us in all our needs.

André Pereira Dantas - via Facebook

Alaia has provided me with unforgettable moments in Canada. I managed to reach my goal in search of knowledge of the English language, I could meet people from all over the world and visit stunning places. I thank Alaia immensely for helping me complete all the travel planning with so little time and have given all the support when necessary. They exceeded my expectations in every way!!

Lidiane Maia - via Facebook

Why Choose Alaia?

With so many other agencies on the market, how will my program be better with Alaia Education?

Local support

Travelling to a destination receiving guidance and support from those who live in this place is the reality of those who choose Toronto as their destination. An example…. It is easy to know which are the best touristic attractions of a city, right? But would you know the best time or way to visit them? …. … When it comes to Toronto, we know.


Are you afraid of being “fooled” by an education agency, or do you think your trip will be more expensive if someone organizes it for you? In our proposal, all expenses ​​are clearly identified.


Once you approve our proposal, you will have access to all our checklists, manuals and guidelines. Weeks prior to your departure, we will review with you your entire travel checklist to ensure you do not have any doubts regarding school, accommodation, transfer, and make sure everything is in order.

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