Education Consultancy


Do I need an Education consultancy? Yes, if you:


  • Are considering taking a program offered by a College or University abroad.
  • Are considering immigrating to another country.
  • Would like to study and work abroad.
  • Wants to improve your curriculum by taking graduation or post-graduation abroad.
woman having an online meeting with three other people

Services including on our Education Consultancy:


  • Multiple consulting with an International Higher Education specialist.
  • Language test evaluation and suggestion for improvement (if needed).
  • A personalized study plan and strategy considering your goals, professional and academic experience.
  • City/Province recommendations.
  • College/University recommendations.
  • Program/Course mapping and recommendations.
  • Program/Course presentation.
  • College/University registration.
  • Delivery of documents needed for student visa application.

woman having an online meeting with three other people

How does the process work?

Our Education Consultancy, will provide you with absolutely all the information, services and support you will need to study abroad. From checking your English level to getting the documents you need to apply for a student visa.

Feel free to book an online meeting or email us at so we can help you with doubts regarding the consultancy options and process.

We can help you in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.