The process

According to the city, you are travelling to, your quotation will show the exact value of each product and service you are intending to hire (school program, accommodation, fees, etc) and an approximate value in your local currency (following the exchange rate).

Once you approved a valid quotation you will receive:

  • The registration form;
  • An invoice and;
  • The payment orientation.

Without your invoice, you can not make any payment.

Pay in your own currency

Pay in full or in installments.

Local wire transfer or credit card

Online payments

You can pay your invoice in full or in instalments. That will depend on the time you have left until your program starts and the school registration condition.

Payment Options

All your payments can be made:

  • by credit card (extra fees will be applied);
  • by wire transfer – from your bank account (in your local currency) to our partner’s local bank account.

The wire transfer option is the most affordable. You won’t pay an international bank fee and the exchange rate is more attractive as well.

In the past years, we have been working with two companies dedicated to helping international students, from all around the world, to pay for their education in the most secure and affordable way possible.


Once logged in into one of ours partner websites, you insert the amount to be paid to the school and, according to the exchange rate, you will know how much is going to be in your local currency to proceed with the payment.

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