Man looking at a microscope

This program will enhance your research and problem-solving skills.


This 2-year program of Biotechnology will give you the opportunity to work in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and as a laboratory technician (in quality control and quality assurance).

A special feature of this applied science program is its project-based approach, with independently designed microbiology projects that will enhance your research and problem-solving skills.


  • Isolate, enumerate and identify microorganisms from many types of samples (water, soil, air, the body, food, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic products);
  • Prepare specimens for staining and become an expert light-microscopist;
  • Prepare microbiological media and reagents and culture pathogenic microbes;
  • Design and perform your own microbiology experiments;
  • Use microorganisms to assay pharmaceutical products.


Graduates may find employment in many possible sectors including environmental, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and biomedical research technologies, analytical chemistry and many other exciting fields working as:

  • Laboratory technicians
  • Laboratory analysts
  • Quality assurance/control technicians
  • Research assistants

Within six months of graduation, on average, 86% of graduates from the last three years (2017 to 2019) found employment.

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